Thursday, June 14, 2012

8.5 Weeks Pregnant

As of today I am officially 8.5 weeks pregnant yay how exciting! Our fetus is the size of a tadpole. This week the baby's gonads will become either testes or ovaries. I am simply amazed at how babies really form in such a short period of time. Kalvin is hoping for a boy but as for me I just want a healthy baby. So to answer some questions

1. How far along are you? 8.5 weeks
2. Total weight gain? my weight fluctuates between 1-2 pounds gained
3. Stretch marks? No
4. Sleeping habits? I am usually tired in the afternoon and prefer to take naps :) But I 5. usually wake up during the night around 4:00am to use the bathroom
5. Food cravings? not so much, maybe a popsicle here and there but nothing too drastic. 
6. Queasiness? Definitely! The smell of MEAT in general makes my stomach churn.
7. Are you showing?  A tiny bit. My stomach is more firm this week thats for sure. 
8. Gender prediction? Kalvin: boy Me: if I had to guess I would say a boy as well
9. Exercising? Yes I try to work out 3 times a week 45 mins per session. No weight lifting or hardcore cardio work out. 

This week has been a blessed time for me. No morning sickness at all. Perhaps I have a few times where I feel queasy but it never gets to a point where I would physically throw up.  

I guess I should also mention that at 7.5 weeks I was experiencing insane abdominal cramping. It would feel very painful and uncomfortable to sleep or sit. I was advised to take an emergency ultrasound by my family physician. Turns out, everything was fine and the baby was healthy. I remember seeing the ultrasound for the first time with Kalvin. I just couldn't believe what I was seeing! Kalvin was simply graced by the baby's picture and couldn't stop smiling from ear to ear. It was a blissful moment for the two of us.
Love, Peace and Happiness

 This is what our baby looks like now at 8.5 weeks. If you ask me, it looks like an alien lol but a cute one of course 

Initial Reactions

How I found Out..

It was on May 16 2012 when we discovered I was officially pregnant. At the beginning of May I knew something was off when I was experiencing pregnancy symptoms such as: sensitivity to smells especially meat produce, abdominal pains, and of course tender breasts. Has anyone ever heard of the saying " trusts yourself, you know more than you think you do"? Well, on May 16th I followed my intuition and went out and purchased 3 pregnancy tests just to be on the safe side :) . When I saw the first result I was absolutely blinded by the two lines indicating POSITIVE! The two words that I consistently uttered over and over were "NOOOOOOOOO WAYYYYYYY!!!"  I took the second test and then finally the third. All were positive. As a curled up in the bathroom just starring at the two lines, I just knew that I was officially bringing a mini Linda or Kalvin into this world...

How did you tell Kalvin?

Prior to telling Kalvin the good news I invited my bestfriend out to eat and asked for her opinions on ways I should break the news to Kalvin. After sharing ideas over lunch, we finally decided we might as well do it with a bang and tell him in a memorable way. I walked over to Walmart picked up a a baby photo album. Then I walked to old navy and purchased one of the cutest baby onezie saying "I love Daddy" . Finally I walked to Halmark and purchased a card. Telling Kalvin the pregnancy news was hard but extremely comical. I remember giving him the card after he returned from work. As he opened the envelope and saw the itty bitty baby drawings on the card he quickly replied with "babe what is this?" The card read" You're going to fall in love again with someones tender charms! You're going to be demolished by a pair of little arms! Yes, you're going to fall in love again. The signs are very clear! Get ready for a brand-new crush...As soon as baby's here" After reading the card Kalvin bursted out laughing and kept uttering " is this FOR REAL? are you serious?". I am almost sure all sorts of emotions were running through his mind. After settling down we had a intimate conversation discussing what will happen and from then on it was history... 

Love, Peace and Happiness
xoxo Mommy Linda
Here is he 1st cute onezies I purchased


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Meet Mommy and Daddy

Hi Everyone, welcome to my pregnancy blog. My name is Linda  and the guy to the right of me is the daddy...Kalvin . Here, I will be consistenty updating everyone throughout my pregnancy with photos, videos, and of course my personal daily experiences as I move forward on this challenging yet beautiful journey. As newly parents, we are more than happy to spend the rest of our mornings, afternoons, and nights with our bundle of joy. So sit back and watch me grow. 

xoxo Mommy Linda

Mommy and Daddy