Monday, July 16, 2012

14 Weeks Pregnant

Hey Dolls, 
Today is July 16th 2012 and I am 14 weeks pregnant. This week has got to be the roughest week by far. I have been experiencing severe migraines back and fourth. Do you ever get one of those headaches that cant seem to go away? The ones where your head feels extremely heavy and you cant even turn your head slightly without feeling the pounding sensation ? Well, I had one of those days.I know the second trimester is suppose to feel a bit easier, but truthfully, I think its the opposite for me at least. Another symptom I have developed is peeing every 30 mins or so. This gets a bit annoying but I know the reason for this is caused by  hormonal changes in my body. Aside from the headaches, Kalvin and I had a productive Sunday. We went to Micheal's to find things for our DIY centerpieces and favors. I love Micheal's crafts store, it has everything and more. For a person that is obsessed with DIY projects, it felt like heaven being there. Kalvin is such a good sport in getting what we need and participating in the projects ^_^ 

Baby:  Our baby is 3 1/4 to 4 inches and weighs about 1 ounce which is equivalent to the size of an apple or peach. Our baby can now frown his/her eyebrows, squint, pee and even suck his or her thumb how cute is that? I cant wait till my baby starts kicking. I am super excited to feel his/her's first official movements. Until next week see you dolls at 15 weeks. 

Pregnancy Questions:
1. Total weight gain? I still haven't gained any weight since 8.5 weeks. So I've only gained 2 pounds in total. 
2. Stretch marks? None yet and I hope it stays that way. 
3. Sleeping habits? I am getting more sleep now. However, I am always up by 6am all energetic while Kalvin's still sleeping like a bear lol. 
4. Food cravings?With the exceptions of one or two sundaes, I still have no cravings. 
5. Queasiness? A bit, especially when I smell garlic gloves
6. Are you showing?  Yes at least I see it, but no one else can tell I'm even 4 months prego.
7.. Exercising? I barely work out now since I am at work Mon-Fri till 7pm. I try to squeeze in a mini homework out to tone my legs. 

Love, Peace and Happiness
xoxo Mommy Linda

14 Weeks Pregnant Blog

So here is my first pregnancy photo. I  am 14 weeks.