Wednesday, September 12, 2012

19 Weeks Pregnant

Hey Dolls,

I am almost done my 19 weeks. This week as been super duper exciting because we found out the SEX of our baby on August 21st, 2012. I cant even begin to describe how we felt. This time our baby was cooperating during our ultrasound scan lol. He/she was awake and actively moving as per usual =) During our visit, our technician was super duper sweet. She was so comforting and reassuring. When Kalvin came into the room after 20 mins, she showed us our baby and what shocked everyone in the room was the reaction he/she gave us when we were watching his/her movement. Our baby totally WAVED at us!! How cuteeeee!!!! I swear I got chills up and down my spine! It was such an incredible moment. I cant even stress enough how floured we felt. After our baby waved at us, she told us the sex of our baby =O and I had to ask her to reiterate what she said b/c I was totally not focusing and zoned out by the cute little wave my baby had just did. We recorded a clip when we found out the gender but we cant show anyone yet sorry dolls. We still havent told anyone as of yet and I am dying to tell everyone. We decided that we will let our families know once we come back from Dominican Republic when we all get together for the gender reveal dinner. Until then, you guys have to hold out for a bit longer. 

Pregnancy Questions:
1. Total weight gain? I finally I gained some weight!!! I am currently 128 pounds woohoo! 
2. Stretch marks? No, I still haven't seen any yet. Thank god! 
3. Sleeping habits? I usually crash out by 11:30pm and like always up at 3am. 
4. Food cravings? Yes! Just recently I had a craving of pastas!! So the godmother and I went out for a dinner date =)
5. Queasiness? Nope not at all. 
6. Are you showing?  YES! I finally got my baby bump! I will update my pregnancy photos category  when I get a chance. 
7.Exercising? Noooo =( unfortunately I gave up and I swear I noticed my legs are getting thicker everyday. I seriously need to hop on the lunges bandwagon ASAP. 

Baby: Our baby now weighs 8.5 oz and measures about 15 cm from head to bottom. He or she is as large as a tomato. Our  babys kidneys continue to make urine and the hair on his or her scalp is GROWING!! ( i hope our baby has a full head of hair lol). 

Like always, 
Love, Peace, and Happiness
xoxoMommy L