Tuesday, January 15, 2013

39 weeks and 4 days: Labor and Delivery

Hey Dolls, 

If you dont know by now via instagram, BABY SOPHIA has ARRIVED! I cant even believe shes finally in my arms at last. From my last post you guys know I was trying every little tales to bring on labor and guess what? it happened. I was 39 weeks and 4 days pregnant when I went into labor. Exactly a day after my last posts lol. On January 10, 2013 at 12:57pm my babygirl who weighs 5lbs 13 oz was here <3 I dont want to reveal too much on her as it is long to type out every little detail. I will be making a labor and delivery video this week. Here is a picture of Sophia and I just minutes after her birth and babygirl at 1 day old. For more recent pic of Sophia follow me on instagram at piinkbeautyy!!! I cant wait to share my story. 

Love, Peace, and Happiness all! 
Mommy L 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

39 Weeks Pregnant

Hey Dolls, 

Today I am 39 weeks and 3 days prego!! I cant even begin telling you dolls how I am feeling. Im excited, anxious, annoyed, tired, and sleepy lol. Lets start by discussing my weekly OBGYN appointments. Yesterday on January 8th 2012, I went in for my weekly routine checkup. Again, everything was the same as per usual. From week 38-39 I was hoping I made some progress in terms of dilation and effacement. I truly believed that I did indeed improve from being at 0% to at least 1cm. Depending on your obgyn, some of them are hesitant to do a cervical examination unless it is by all means necessary for example: they believe your baby is in a breeched position or they presume you might encounter a medical health issue for delivery. It is okay for FTM (first time mothers) to wonder about their progression especially during the last stages of pregnancy, so dont be afraid to ask if your doctor does not initiate a cervix exam. I asked for mine and like I mentioned my GUT was truly telling me I DID made some progress and of course I DID =) YAY! I am officially 1 cm dilated. I guess all the walking I did up and down my stairs and bouncing on an exercise ball really worked. I know you dont need to be dilated at all  prior to going into labor. But I guess for me, hearing that I made a huge progress got me super excited. The exam was not as bad as people claimed. Of course it was uncomfortable since she was putting a lot of direct pressure on my uterus. However, the exam took less than 5 mins. The downfall to doing a cervical exam now is that you might spot for the entire day and experience a lot of pressure in the abdomen after. My obgyn did tell me that I am not prone to delivering a "big baby" but Kalvin and I are hoping for our daughter to be roughly 7pounds 5 ounces. Apparently the average healthy baby weighs roughly around 7 pounds. So we are keeping our fingers crossed for that size. 

Symptoms: This past week was extremely tough especially since I am so close to my due date. I felt nauseated and threw up twice, I had severe tummy aches and back pains, and also a lot of nose bleeds. My stretchmarks are getting worst by the minute I pretty much got them on my tummy, underneath my breasts ( I doubled in size), my inner thigh (these were new but very light) and my hips. I dont mind them at all as of now, because I know my babygirl is growing each week and for every stretch mark I gain means she's getting bigger =) 

Baby Sophia: She is now 20 inches and should weigh between 7lbs and 8 oz -8lbs this is equavelnt to the size of a mini watermelon lol. Sophia is tightly curled up in my stomach because she is running out of space! Lately at night around 11:00pm-2:00am she has extensive hiccups. I would either walk it out and she would stop or drink a lot of water. 

Since I have been on maternity leave I have a lot of time on my hands. Yesterday I asked Kalvin to take me to Michael's so I can get tulle fabrics to make our babygirl a tutu for her first newborn photoshoot. Here is a picture of it I thought it came out pretty good. It was easy and inexpensive. I cant wait to make more for Sophia. I love her soooo much already and she isn't even here yet. I cant even imagine when she is here =) Hopefully, this will be my last pregnancy blog since  I am hoping I go into labor this week. If not, I will see you dolls at 40 weeks. 

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Love, Peace, and Happiness
Mommy L

Thursday, January 3, 2013

38 Weeks Pregnant

Hey dolls, 

I am officially 38 weeks and 4 days into my pregnancy. I am just so close to seeing and holding my babygirl. I cant even believe I am 1 week and 3 days from the big DAY! I am super scared and excited at the same time. As of right now, I am just over being pregnant. I just feel extremely tired from the weight and it doesnt help when I only get 4 hours or less of sleep. At night, sleeping is getting more and more uncomfortable only because I am continuously getting braxton hicks and pressure down south lol. At times it hurts so bad I literally have to get up and start walking around my room at 4am to avoid the pain. This past Wednesday January 2nd I went in for my 38 weeks appointment. As per usual they did a urine test, weighed me in, tested my blood pressure, and I finally got my cervix examined. I was not dilated and 0% effaced =( This news sort of bummed me out because I was hoping for some progress. Again, I was told not to be too concerned because a woman can go from 0% dilated to 4 cm within hours. Currently I am trying some natural ways to speed up my labor by testing out the old wives tales. For example, eating spicy food, sex, walking, going up and down the stairs, and of course dancing lol. My next appointment is on January 8th so hopefully by then I have made some movement. 

Baby: Sophia is almost 20 inches long and weighs roughly 7lbs.  Her lanugo and vernix will continue to shed as the weeks continue. Her lungs are becoming more stronger and mature meaning all her systems are in works!!!! I am so excited to see my bundle of joy. I hope you dolls are having a lovely evening on this wonderful Thursday night because I am sure having a blast dancing around and jamming to my favorite songs. See you all at 39 weeks. 

Love, peace, and happiness

xoxo Mommy L