Monday, July 30, 2012

16 Weeks Pregnant

Goodmorning dolls, 

This week I am 16 Weeks Pregnant!! During this week I felt the baby move a bit more than the previous week. I feel absolutely fab no sickeness, no migraines, nothing at all. However, its been a really tough week for me in regards to weight gain. As I mentioned during my earlier posts, I've only gained 3 pounds in total and apparently for a mother to be in their 4th month, it is not considered "normal". I get that everyone is different and of course its true, but I cant help but wonder why am I not gaining as much weight as I "expected" or even others. When I hear " are you really pregnant?" or "you don't look pregnant at all Linda, when I was prego I was huge". These comments shouldn't bother me but they do. Im only human. I find that it doesn't affect me by playing on my insecurities (if some of you guys are thinking that lol) but it makes me really worried about the health of my baby. Am I going to have a premature birth/baby? Some people say when you are small you are more prone to deliver way before your due date. So, I cant help but to think about how healthy is my baby if I haven't put on weight? What makes matters worst is that I've lost the 3 pounds I've gained so I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight sigh... Kalvin and I always talk about our concerns about my weight and of course Daddy always reassures me everything is fine and perhaps since I got prego my metabolism is faster then it was. Maybe he is right, I shouldn't be too fixated on the numbers, as long as I am eating right things will work out. I eat 5 times a day if not more. I try to munch on something every 2 hours or so. I barely eat any junk food i.e. fast food since I have no cravings and when I do crave its for celery sticks, carrots, and FRUITS. Maybe its hereditary or maybe its just the way my body is. For now, Im not going to bother with it too much and simply focus on taking care of myself and my little one. Well, I don't want to continue to rant about my concerns and bore you all to death :) so lets talk about the baby..

Baby: Our baby has double in size, he or she is roughly the size of an avocado. The baby is 12 cm long from head to toe and weighs 3oz. Our baby's ear is almost completely positioned and developed while patterns of hair follicles are developing. 

P.s I didn't do a vlog for this week because I totally forgot. But I promise I will have a vlog up for 17 weeks. 

Like always, Love, Peace, and Happiness. 

xoxoMommy L