Monday, July 9, 2012

13 Weeks Pregnant

Hey dolls,  
I am FINALLY in my 2nd trimester YAYY!!!! Today Kalvin and I had our first official ultrasound woohoo! We reached the doctors office around 9am and our appointment was at 9:20am so we were early. The minute I entered the office I was immediately escorted into the room which was surprising. As the lady squirted the cold gel on my stomach I felt a nervous rush of feeling down my spine and I didnt know why. Ultrasound are generally 20 mins or so, but in my case it took well over an hour. Our baby was sleeping and had his/her back turned towards the sonogram so we could not get any type of structure measurements. After coughing numerous times trying to get the baby to rotate, it finally CAVED in and did a 180 degrees turn lol. When we finally recieved all the measurements needed, the lady had called in Kalvin in her case he was my "husband" lol so that we can both view the images at the same time. Kalvin walked into the room and had the brightest smile ever!!!! He was so excited and even laughed before seeing the pictures. Once we saw the images my heart fluttered with butterflies<3 I just couldnt believe how big he or she was. It was such an incredible moment. Kalvin kept saying " awww its so cute" lol how adorable!! When we left the office we got a copy of the images on a CD. 

Baby: Fingerprints have formed on our baby's fingertips. All his or her veins and organs are clearly visible. The baby is developing tiny bones in his/her arms and legs. The baby's vocal cords are also developing making it one step closer to saying Mommy and Daddy :)

Today was simply unforgettable for the both of us. There is no better way to describe the way we feel This baby is truly a blessing in our lives.

P.S Today I was confirmed 13 weeks pregnant and not 12 weeks :)
Love, Peace and Happiness
xoxo Mommy Linda

First Ultra Sound