Thursday, July 26, 2012


Hey Dolls, 
I have the most exciting news ever! Yesterday night around 9:50pm Kal and I were eating dinner and as I was telling him a story, our baby decides to show us how strong he/she is by kicking my tummy!!!! I just cant believe it!!! It was just comical only because when it happened I yelled so loud and grabbed Kals arm so tight. His expression was soooooooo funny! He didnt know what had happened and kept asking me over and over "are you okay, what the.....and gives me a confused look" and when I told him our baby just kicked for the first time we bursted our laughing and smiled literally from ear to ear. To all the mothers to be or mothers out there Im sure you dolls would agree a baby's first kick is one of the best moments during pregnancy.  In a few more weeks, this baby will begin to kick and move non stop and I cant wait :) Like always, love, peace, and happiness.

xoxo Mommy Linda

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  1. Hi Linda ! Congratulations for your baby !!! My name is Denisa and I am from Romania , I am such a big fan of yours. You are beautiful and I am sure you will be a really good mother ! Thank you for making more videos because I used to watch your make up videos and read your old blog . I don't know why , you just motivate me ( hope I don't seem like a stalker lol ) . Wish you and your baby the best !


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