Tuesday, July 24, 2012

15 Weeks Pregnant

Hey Dolls, 

Today I am 15 weeks pregnant YAY!  I am one step closer in finishing my half way mark in pregnancy. Time flies by super quick when you are busy. I cant believe I am almost 5 months pregnant =O We woke up bright and early to attend my second blood test appointment. I guess you guys are wondering why am I doing two blood tests? Reason being, I am testing for down syndrome and neural tube defects. The first test is completed between 11-14 weeks gestation and the second one is done at 15-18 weeks gestation. I am not a fan of blood test as I stated in one of my vlogs lol but hey, I need to get these tests done and over with. Today, I am feeling better than ever. I am finally getting the hang of pregnancy now. TMI MOMENT WARNING!!! The major difference I experienced is extreme breast tenderness especially my nipples lol. I can barely wear a bra without it irritating my nipples/breasts much less wear a shirt. It feels uncomfortable and painful. I know breast tenderness is obviously a side effect of being pregnant but, I was hoping for it to stop by now. My breasts has grown in a cup size and feels so firm and heavy. I guess the best way to describe it, is to imagine playing with a water ballon that is tied tight thats how it feels :) I am attending my 2nd OBGYN appointment this Wednesday July 25 and lets pray that everything is good and on track. 

Baby: Our baby is now the size of an apple and weighs about 2.5 oz. Our baby is starting to get hiccups and they do this before learning how to breath. The baby's legs are growing longer and he or she can move all of the tiny limbs and joints <3 Like always, love, peace and happiness see you all at 16 weeks. Enjoy the vlog..

xoxo Mommy Linda 

15 Weeks Pregnancy Vlog

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