Wednesday, October 10, 2012

20 Weeks Pregnant

Goodmorning Dolls,

I can't believe today I hit my halfway mark in pregnancy!! I am currently 20 weeks pregnant and loving it. Everyday my stomach continues to grow bigger and bigger and its such an amazing sight. Let me start off by telling you guys the ongoing symptoms I have been feeling. Lately, my breasts have been itching non stop especially my nipples. I try to avoid scratching it but, it is so difficult. I have been looking up some creams to use but I still haven't found anything as of yet. If you dolls have any recommendations, I would truly appreciate it if you send me a message on youtube and let me know what you know works or worked on you. I am still lactating not that much but fairly enough where my bras are wet lol. I seriously need to start purchasing nursing pads >_< Other than that, I am feeling quiet well. I swear our baby is the next ultimate fighting champion she/he have been moving aggressively every morning! What is super cute is that our baby lets me know when he/she needs a walk or for me to get up and actively move, he/she will cause a ruckus in my belly lol. So I developed a fantastic way to entertain my active baby. Every morning I get up and start busta moving =) I begin with a few sways left to right and then I start dancing. I began to noticed my baby enjoys some songs better than others. Our baby has great taste in music I must admit lol. Our baby lovesssss Whitney houstons " I wanna dance with somebody" and "million dollar bill". When the song is done or when I am out of breath and rest this baby lets me know he/she doesn't want me to stop so our baby nudges me usually on the right side tres adorable!!

Baby: Our little one now weighs about 10.5 o. He/ She is more than 16 cm  long from head to bottom that's equivalent to the length of a banana. Our baby is now swallowing more which means its good practice for his/her digestive system. That's all for now dolls. I will update you guys in two weeks as I am going to Punta Cana!! Wish me luck 

Love, Peace, and Happiness
xoxoMommy L

P.S videos will be up shortly

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