Friday, December 7, 2012

34 Weeks Pregnant and UPDATE!

Hey dolls,

I cant believe its been months since I've been on here. I kind of lost track of this blogging since I work 6 days a week and crash out at night early. Today I am 34 weeks pregnant. I cant believe my pregnancy has gone by so fast and its almost ending. I love pregnancy dont get me wrong, but now that I am in my final trimester and especially weeks from delivery I am way too heavy and exhausted lol. Lets begin with my body changes. Since the last post, a lot has been happening to my body. I have gained massive weight and I am starting to waddle. I am 8.5 months pregnant and gained roughly 25 pounds or so. I feel so round and huge but I guess that comes with pregnancy =) I DID get STRETCH MARKS!!! I started to develop these stretch marks in October (slight ones) and it grew more and more up until now. I asked my obgyn if its because of my rapid weight gain but apparently, my babygirl rotated at 24 weeks (rotations usually happen around 36 weeks and onwards)  and that shes been developing rather rapidly then an average baby hence the stretch marks. Stretch marks are reminders of motherhood and my amazing daughter I am bringing into this world. Of course I am repulsed by it, but I think what makes it worth a while is when I get the chance to hold my daughter for the first time. If you dont know by name, we are naming our daughter SOPHIA<3 We absolutely fell in love with this name instantly. Now,  if you follow me on instagram at "piinkbeautyy" you can see more updates of me and my pregnancy especially belly shots every 4 weeks. Symptoms: I can say I had an easy pregnancy from the beginning. For 8.5 months, I havent gotten any morning sickness as most women will experience. Cravings? perhaps for a chocolate bar here and there but again, nothing drasti.  I am extremely lucky to have a supportive baby daddy like Kalvin in my life. When I get up during the night to make my daily visits to the bathroom around 3am he is up with me. When I have leg cramps out of nowhere in my sleep he wakes up and massages my leg. I am so blessed to have him be part of my beautiful journey. I think he made everything extremely easy and comfortable when I felt uneasy.

Baby: Sophia is now 5.2 pounds and she is continuously growing from here on out. Shes 18 cm tall and now her movements are more stronger and frequently. She can now fully hear our conversations and see light through my belly.

My due date is January 14 2013 but I think she might come at the end of December. I am going to do a whats in my hospital bag when I am on maternity leave and show soon to be mothers what I packed for myself, the hubby, and Sophia.

Until next time,
Love, peace, and Happiness
xoxoMommy L


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